Thermal Analysis – Solutions: Passive – Natural Convection Cooling – Page 3

  • Location of the enclosure

The position of the installed enclosure is a factor which should not be neglected, since the walls of the enclosure affect the heat transfer process.

For example, if the enclosure is installed in an equipment room where the temperature is favourable (< 35°C), all the walls should be left accessible such as to facilitate the dissipation of calories.

  • Insulation of the enclosure

When the external temperature is high (> 35°C, for example 45°C), the calorie intake through the surfaces of the enclosure increases the internal temperature.


  • Power load arrangement

Careful arrangement of components within an enclosure can reduce hot spots. Since heat rises, high heat generating components, such as the variable frequency drive, should be mounted near the bottom of the enclosure. See the page Component Layout.