Thermal Analysis – Solutions: Passive – Natural Convection Cooling – Page 5

  • Air-flow management

Careful arrangement of components within an enclosure can reduce hot spots. Since heat rises, high heat generating components, such as the variable frequency drive, should be mounted near the bottom of the enclosure. Heat sensitive components should not be placed directly above the variable frequency drive.



Observe the manufacturer’s recommendations for orientation and clearance, and ensure free air flow around all vents.

  • Natural dissipation and air circulating

Several parameters are involved in the phenomenon of passivedissipation of calories:

Installation site of the enclosure (quality of the surrounding air).
Usable surface taken up by the enclosure (in m2).
Type of material (steel, polyester).
• Other parameters; load arrangement, wiring, external temp., etc.

The greater the mixing flow, the quicker dissipation will take place