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  • DH+ (Data Highway Plus) >> The Data Highway Plus (DH+) network is a local area network designed to support remote programming and messaging between computers and controllers for factory-floor applications.
    • Local area network designed for factory-floor applications
    • Provides simple communication between PLCs, SLCs and PCs


  • ControlNet >> A real-time, control-layer network providing high-speed transport of both time-critical I/O data and messaging data, insluding upload/download of programming and configuration data and peer-to-peer messaging, on a single physical media link


  • DeviceNet >> Alow-cost communication link that connects industrial devices to a network. It is based on broadcast-oriented communication protocol – the Controller Area Network (CAN)


  • Ethernet >> The standard for local communications networks developed jointly by Digital Equipment Corp., Xerox and Intel. Ethernet based and coaxial cable transmits data at speed up to 10 megabits per second. Ethernet is used as the underlying transport veichle by serveral upper-level protocols, including TCP/IP