Thermal Analysis – Measuring for Calculation

  • Measurement of Air Temperature Inside the Enclosure

The measurement of air temperature inside the enclosure, must be taken over a complete period (24 hours, 1 week, etc.).

The temperature measurement inside the enclosure should be taken in three separate areas (T1, T2 and T3). Avoid the ventilated hot-air outlet.

Mean temp. of the enclosure = (T1 + T2 + T3) / 3.


  • Measuring losses of power (W)

It is important to have detailed information of the dissipation value of each component.


  • Measuring the air temperature

The external temperature measurement should be taken over a complete period (24 hours, 1 week, etc.).  (Max. mean temperature/Min. mean temperature)


  • Measuring the humidity level (%)

This consists of determining whether the environment is:
> Dry: Humidity level < 60%
> Humid: Humidity level between 60% and 90%
> Very humid: Humidity level > 90%
Temperature variations detected in the environment will let you know whether or not there is condensation.