Safety – Hazards

Mechanical Hazards

Crushing, entanglement, stabbing or puncturing, shearing, drawing-in or trapping, friction or abrasion, cutting or severing, high-pressure fluid ejection, etc.

Electrical Hazards

Contact by a person with live parts, i.e., parts that normally carry a voltage, or parts that have become live under faulty conditions, especially as a result of an insulation failure, etc.

Thermal Hazards

Burns and scalds from flames, explosions, radiation from heat sources, etc.

Hazards Generated by Noise

Hearing loss, tinnitus, etc.

Hazards Generated by Vibration

Serious damage to the entire body, particularly to the hands, arms, and lower back.

Hazards Generated by Radiation

Low frequencies, radio frequencies, ultraviolet, infrared, X-rays, etc.

Hazards Generated by Materials and Substances

Toxins, irritants, dust, explosions, etc.

Hazards Generated by Neglecting Ergonomic Principles in Machine Design

Unhealthy postures, human error, etc.