Thermal Analysis – Solutions: Active – Closed Loop Cooling – Page 2

  • Temperature management with air-conditioners

Air-conditioners or cooling units are widely used for cooling enclosures which contain devices that give off a lot of heat.

In what cases should an air-conditioner be used?

  • When the external temperature is too high to ventilate (Temp. > 35°C).
  • When the atmosphere is highly polluted, but it is possible to use a filter to protect the external part of the air-conditioner.

  • Temperature management with air-water exchangers

Air-water exchangers are used mainly for cooling or heating enclosures installed in difficult or harsh environments: cemeteries, paint production chains, oily workshops, etc. places where filters clog very quickly.
This solution is completely sealed (up to IP 54). The air-water exchanger is capable of extracting a large number of calories from the enclosure (by fluid exchange). These calories are then released outside the plant (chiller-type cooling unit). This means that the water can come from other sources.

Below a Chiller Unit: